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07 July 2006

Modeling Neural Development

This original and timely collection is one of the first books to study neural development using computational and mathematical modeling. Modeling provides precise and exact ways of expression, which allow us to go beyond the insights that intuitive or com

05 July 2006


會讀書、考試拿高分的人,不見得頭腦好;不懂得物理原理,不會計算拋物線,卻能把球丟到特定位置的運動好手比較聰明? 博學多聞不等於頭腦好;發現自己喜歡的東西,會非常徹底鑽研的人才是頭腦好? 年紀愈大愈善於用腦,超過三十歲大腦會更靈活;腦細胞不會死掉,反而不斷增加? 活用大腦不是為了「無限地增強記憶力」、「盡快解決問題」,而是為了過快樂有趣的生活? 大腦操縱記憶的部位「海馬體」,人腦中最具可塑性的地方就是這裡。

29 June 2006

Neurocomputing Home

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Welcome to, the resource site for all those interested in simulating the brain within a dynamic virtual environment using realistic neurons having action potentials (not artificial neural networks) . Recent advances in 3D engines (like

16 June 2006

Memory-prediction framework

The memory-prediction framework is a theory of brain function that was created by Jeff Hawkins and described in his book On Intelligence. This theory concerns the role of the hippocampus, neocortex, and the thalamus in matching sensory inputs to stored me

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