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July 2006


Design of digital electronic circuits is a complex task requiring knowledge of a large collection of domain-specific rules.

May 2006

Sensors Without Batteries

In the future, the environment could be pervaded by sensors using the same power-scavenging techniques as RFID tags.

NAND vs. NOR flash

This high-level whitepaper compares the relative strengths of NOR and NAND flash memory, and discusses software strategies for mitigating each type's weaknesses. Topics include avoiding data loss, improving performance, and increasing media longevity.

March 2006



January 2006

Designing Embedded Hardware

Designing Embedded Hardware steers a course between those books dedicated to writing code for particular microprocessors, and those that stress the philosophy of embedded system design without providing any practical information.

PC bus systems

A bus is basically a collection of wires which is responsible for interconnecting the various components of a microcomputer together in order to allow the exchange of data between these components and to provide power to them. Early microcomputer systems

December 2005

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