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July 2006

ROBOKONEKO (Kitten Robot)

The main aim of ATR's CAM-Brain Project is to build/grow/evolve an artificial brain by 2001 with a billion artificial neurons.


Design of digital electronic circuits is a complex task requiring knowledge of a large collection of domain-specific rules.

June 2006

How Life Began: New Research Suggests Simple Approach

Somewhere on Earth, close to 4 billion years ago, a set of molecular reactions flipped a switch and became life. Scientists try to imagine this animating event by simplifying the processes that characterize living things.

May 2006

Is evolution predictable?

Can we predict how animals and plants evolve in response to changes in the environment? Maybe, according to preliminary research from Rice University.

December 2005

Science 評選二○○五年度十大最重要的科學成果


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