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08 July 2006



07 July 2006

Modeling Neural Development

This original and timely collection is one of the first books to study neural development using computational and mathematical modeling. Modeling provides precise and exact ways of expression, which allow us to go beyond the insights that intuitive or com

World in My Mind, My Mind in the World

Not consciousness, but knowledge of consciousness: that is what this book communicates in a fascinating way. Consciousness is the thread that links the disappearing gorilla with the octopus suffering from a stomach ache, and the person under anaesthetic w

05 July 2006


會讀書、考試拿高分的人,不見得頭腦好;不懂得物理原理,不會計算拋物線,卻能把球丟到特定位置的運動好手比較聰明? 博學多聞不等於頭腦好;發現自己喜歡的東西,會非常徹底鑽研的人才是頭腦好? 年紀愈大愈善於用腦,超過三十歲大腦會更靈活;腦細胞不會死掉,反而不斷增加? 活用大腦不是為了「無限地增強記憶力」、「盡快解決問題」,而是為了過快樂有趣的生活? 大腦操縱記憶的部位「海馬體」,人腦中最具可塑性的地方就是這裡。

Bright Air, Brilliant Fire

In this challenging, exhilarating leap by a disciplined and original mind, Nobel Prize-winner Edelman (medicine, 1972) throws a neurobiological line between two ships--mind and matter--in the stormiest of scientific seas. In his defense of the biological component of mind, Edelman ( The Remembered Pres ent ) disposes of cognitive and behavioral theories of consciousness. To take up the slack, he extends current developments in brain neuroscience well into speculation. He is far too modest in stating that his goal is "to dispel the notion that the mind can be understood in the absence of biology," for the book is a near-kinetic series of critiques and proposals to connect physics and psychology. The "Harmonies" section draws on other disciplines--philosophy, linguistics and psychiatry, among others--to entwine these tendrils of thought into a "unified theory" of mind. Illustrations not seen by PW . Natural Science Book Club selection. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

15 June 2006

創智慧(On Intelligence)


13 May 2006