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October 2006

Large Graph Layout (LGL)

LGL is a compendium of applications for making the visualization of large networks and trees tractable. LGL was specifically motivated by the need to make the visualization and exploration of large biological networks more accessible. Essentially the netw

August 2006

Boost Graph Library - Python Bindings

The Boost Graph Library Python bindings (which we refer to as "BGL-Python") expose the functionality of the Boost Graph Library and Parallel Boost Graph Library as a Python package, allowing one to perform computation-intensive tasks on graphs (or network

July 2006

Dr. Dobb's | The Boost.Threads Library | Û 15, 2003

Just a few years ago it was uncommon for a program to be written with multiple threads of execution. Today Internet server applications run multiple threads of execution to efficiently handle multiple client connections. To maximize throughput, transactio

Dr. Dobb's | Regular Expressions in C++ | ] 25, 2001

Regular expressions form a central role in many programming languages, including Perl and Awk, as well as many familiar UNIX utilities such as grep and sed. The intrinsic nature of pattern matching in these languages has made them ideally suited to text p

Boost Test Library

The Boost Test Library provides a matched set of components for writing test programs, organizing tests in to simple test cases and test suites, and controlling their runtime execution. The Program Execution Monitor is also useful in some production (non-

Boost.Regex: Introduction

Regular expressions are a form of pattern-matching that are often used in text processing; many users will be familiar with the Unix utilities grep, sed and awk, and the programming language Perl, each of which make extensive use of regular expressions.

Boost Random Number Library

Random numbers are useful in a variety of applications. The Boost Random Number Library (Boost.Random for short) provides a vast variety of generators and distributions to produce random numbers having useful properties, such as uniform distribution.

The Boost Graph Library

Graphs are mathematical abstractions that are useful for solving many types of problems in computer science. Consequently, these abstractions must also be represented in computer programs. A standardized generic interface for traversing graphs is of utmos

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