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July 2006

蟻群算法(ant colony optimization, ACO)

蟻群算法(ant colony optimization, ACO),又稱螞蟻算法,是一種用來在圖中尋找優化路徑的機率型技術。它由Marco Dorigo於1992年在他的博士論文中引入,其靈感來源於螞蟻在尋找食物過程中發現路徑的行為。

"JavaAntz" - A Boid Ant Simulator

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This game is an example of a simple "Artificial Life" program. Although the ant's behavior looks random, it is not at all. In the most general terms, each ant is a simple moving thing which travels according to some simple rules.

March 2006

Scientists discover swimming ants

North Queensland scientists have discovered a new type of ant, believed to be the only species that can live, swim and navigate under water.

December 2005

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