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01 October 2006

Large Graph Layout (LGL)

LGL is a compendium of applications for making the visualization of large networks and trees tractable. LGL was specifically motivated by the need to make the visualization and exploration of large biological networks more accessible. Essentially the netw

30 September 2006

PyYAML - Trac - the home of various YAML implementations for Python

YAML Ain't Markup Language

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YAML(tm) (rhymes with "camel") is a straightforward machine parsable data serialization format designed for human readability and interaction with scripting languages such as Perl and Python. YAML is optimized for data serialization, configuration setting

29 September 2006

Front Page - mfGraph Wiki

mfGraph is a graph rendering library for interactive applications. Written in C++ and Python, mfGraph parses GraphViz DOT and XDOT files and provides rendering and hit-testing facilities. Supports Microsoft Windows natively, GNU/Linux through wxPython.


There currently a plethora of Java Graphing Libraries. Many of these are open source, and there are several commercial libraries. A mostly complete compendium of open source libraries that are hosted on SourceForge can be found in the NetworkViz Project.

GUESS: The Graph Exploration System

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GUESS is an exploratory data analysis and visualization tool for graphs and networks. The system contains a domain-specific embedded language called Gython (an extension of Python, or more specifically Jython) which supports the operators and syntactic su

CAIDA : tools : visualization : walrus

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Walrus is a tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space. It is technically possible to display graphs containing a million nodes or more, but visual clutter, occlusion, and other factors can diminish the effectivene

prefuse | interactive information visualization toolkit

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A Java-based toolkit for building interactive information visualization applications.

Open Source Graph or Network Visualization Written in Java - Manageability

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Just as I did the last list "Open Source Structured Graphics Libraries Written in Java" I realized that I needed an entirely new category. Well here's that category, network or graph visualization written in open source Java. It's got some pretty stunning

28 September 2006





27 September 2006

17. RandomArray Reference

The module (in conjunction with the ranlibmodule.c file) provides a high-level interface to the ranlib module, which provides a good quality C implementation of a random-number generator.

26 September 2006

Open source robotic simulation packages

Open source robot simulation software simplifies the creation of physical Linux-based robots, according to an overview article at IBM's DeveloperWorks site. Simulators such as ODE, Simbad, TeamBots, KControl, Gazebo, and Carmen can help test ideas before

Simbad 3d Robot Simulator.

Simbad is a Java 3d robot simulator for scientific and educationnal purposes. It is mainly dedicated to researchers/programmers who want a simple basis for studying Situated Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more generally AI algorithms, in t

Pyro, Python Robotics: Pyro

Pyro stands for Python Robotics. The goal of the project is to provide a programming environment for easily exploring advanced topics in artificial intelligence and robotics without having to worry about the low-level details of the underlying hardware. T

Simulation Methodology

In probabilistic models used in computer science research, mathematical analysis and simulation play complementary roles:

Introduction to the SimPy Discrete-Event Simulation Package

SimPy (rhymes with "Blimpie") is a public-domain package for process-oriented discrete-event simulation. It is written in, and called from, Python. I like the clean manner in which SimPy is designed, its use of Python generators, and for that matter, Pyth

Python for Fun

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This collection is a presentation of several small Python programs. They are aimed at intermediate programmers; people who have studied Python and are fairly comfortable with basic recursion and object oriented techniques. Each program is very short, neve

Building a GUI Application with Tkinter

In this tutorial we will use Tkinter to build a graphical user interface that we can use to maintain a simple phone list. On the way we'll play around with several Tkinter widgets thru the Python interactive prompt, hopefully getting a good feel for how a

Building the GUI with wxPython

As an alternative to Tkinter, there is an interface available to adapt the wxWindows package to Python. The interface, appropriately enough, is called wxPython.

25 September 2006

Python Style Guide

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This style guide has been converted to several PEPs (Python Enhancement Proposals): PEP 8 for the main text, PEP 257 for docstring conventions. See the PEP index.

pyemf - Pure Python Enhanced Metafile Library

pyemf is a pure python module that provides bindings for an ECMA-234 compliant vector graphics library. ECMA-234 is the published interface for the Windows GDI used in the Microsoft windows environment and, more importantly, natively supported by the Open

24 September 2006

Matplotlib / pylab - matlab style python plotting (plots, graphs, charts)

There are a lot of features under the hood in matplotlib. This tutorial is a good place to start. When you are finished with it, the next step (other than getting to work on your own figures, of course) is to download the source distribution and take a lo

matplotlib without a GUI

matplotlib has two primary APIs. The easiest to use is the pylab interface. When that module is imported it checks for a setup file, initializes the GUI, and does a few other things to simplify interactive plotting. pylab is built on top of the matplotlib