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June 2010

technique @PMSIpilot » Code coverage des tests unitaires d’un projet symfony et intégration dans Hudson CI

Un exemple d'automatisation de tests unitaires avec symfony et Hudson. Le point intéressant est le calcul de la couverture des tests - idéalement, on doit tendre vers 100.

January 2009

Functional Test Generation with symfony 1.2 - Thomas Rabaix

A nice "click-and-browse" way to create functionnal tests with Symfony 1.2.

December 2008

FireUnit: Firebug Unit Testing for Firefox

by 2 others
A firefox firebug extension for javascript unit testing

September 2008

Vitamin Features » Easy Automated Web Application Testing with Hudson and Selenium

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Developing web applications is getting more complex - it’s easy to accidentally break functionality as changes are made. In this article, Ben describes the setup his team uses test their apps as changes are committed; automatically notifying the developers of any problems.

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