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Creating Alloy Widgets

The talk of Martin Hudson about creating widgets in Titanium Alloy


A PHP Christmas Miracle - 3 Frameworks, 1 app

A great presentation by Ryan Weaver, about how to take the best out of modern PHP frameworks. A nifty illustration of the usage of PSR-0...


Sozi is an Inkscape extension that can play animated presentations built with open standards


PHP Performance

A great talk recently given by Rasmus Lerdorf at the "Hacker Dojo' in San Francisco. Lots of goods inside, particularly around the usage of Hiphop PHP.


Integrating symfony and Zend Framework (PHPBarcelona 2009)

The talk of Stefan about Integrating symfony and Zend Framework, during the PHPBarcelona Conference 2009

Carsonified ยป Start-up Metrics that Matter

A lot of excellent ideas on how to start a service ad measure its success.

Tim Berners-Lee speaks on Linked Data (1)

Tim Berners-Lee's talk at TED 2009 conference slides, about Linked Data.

Performance Improvements in Browsers

A complete focus on web browser performance-related questions, from a lot of point of views : javascript, network, painting, caching, client-side database, etc.


European Semantic Web Conference 2009 - Semantic Web in Use

This track aims to explore the benefits of applying Semantic Web technology in real-life applications and contexts. Will take place end May 2009 During the ESWC2009.

State of the Semantic Web

Presentation given at the IC2008 2008, in Nancy, France, on the 18th of June, 2008.