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marcolago/flowtime.js · GitHub

Yet another in-browser slideshow library.

Creating Alloy Widgets

The talk of Martin Hudson about creating widgets in Titanium Alloy



PHP Performance

A great talk recently given by Rasmus Lerdorf at the "Hacker Dojo' in San Francisco. Lots of goods inside, particularly around the usage of Hiphop PHP.

Semantic web user interfaces - Do they have to be ugly?

A presentation which explains how semweb people should work to create more user-friendly tools. There is a common dream about the semantic web : it should help develop omnipotent applications. Instead of this, the author explain that developers should concentrate on creating useful software, using semweb technologies. Meaningful.


Integrating symfony and Zend Framework (PHPBarcelona 2009)

The talk of Stefan about Integrating symfony and Zend Framework, during the PHPBarcelona Conference 2009

Tim Berners-Lee speaks on Linked Data (1)

Tim Berners-Lee's talk at TED 2009 conference slides, about Linked Data.


Conférences Django pour PyCon fr

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A short presentation of the Django Python framework, that David Larlet gave at Pycon-Fr 2008. Hilarous and very interesting !