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14 August 2006

Ping the Semantic - Share your SIOC, DOAP and FOAF documents with the World!

by 5 others is a web service archiving the location of recently created/updated FOAF, DOAP or SIOC RDF documents on the Web. If one of those documents is updated, its author can notify the service that the document have been updated by pinging it with the URL of the document. is used by crawlers or other type of software agents to know when and where the latest updated FOAF, DOAP and SIOC documents can be found. So it requests a list of recently updated documents as a starting location to crawl the semantic web.

David Baron's weblog: Geotagged photos

"... So I now have a way of viewing my geotagged photos that fills the entire browser window with a map."

25 July 2006

OGC GeoRSS White Paper

GeoRSS is a simple proposal for geo-enabling, or tagging, “really simple syndication” (RSS) feeds with location information. GeoRSS standardizes the way in which “where” is encoded with enough simplicity and descriptive power to satisfy most needs to describe the location of Web content. It is extensible and upwardly-compatible with more sophisticated formats like the OGC GML (Geography Markup Language®).

15 July 2006

GeoRSS Home

by 8 others
Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds