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February 2008

11 Things To Know About Semantic Web - ReadWriteWeb

"Semantic Web will start the long, slow decline of relational database technology", "If you have a firm grasp of the theoretical underpinnings of the semantic web, things like RDF, tuples, Sparql and OWL that make my brain hurt, you will be able to charge a fat premium in consulting fees for a while, as not many people really understand this stuff. But make hay while the sun shines, as some entrepreneur will surely figure out how to abstract this stuff and make it accessible for the masses."

June 2007


Free + Database = Freebase It's about film, sports, politics, music, science and everything else all connected together. Our contributors are collecting data from all over the internet to build a massive, collaboratively-edited database of cross-linked data. It's a big job and we're just getting started.