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Bouncer - znarf's Bouncer at master - GitHub

Bouncer is a real time statistics and security engine written in PHP5. It analyses the browser or bot version, and detects eventual bad behaviors in order to prevent spam.


Recess! Framework

The Recess! Framework is built from the ground up to conform to the HTTP protocol. This makes REST a natural fit. From 100s to 505s, from GETs to PUTs, Recess! makes it straightforward for your web apps to play nice


SSL Redirect Filter for Symfony

Serving secure pages on a website is made a lot easier by having both your secure and insecure pages served by the same files - all you need to do is change the scheme from http:// to https:// and you're done. But how do you manage which pages should redirect to the secure server? And how do you make sure you redirect users back when they're finished submitting sensitive information?