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December 2009

PHP Depend - Software Metrics for PHP

A PHP code analyser solution, which produces several code metrics : lines of code, hierarchy, dependancies, cyclomatic complexity, etc.

August 2009


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lessphp is a compiler for the CSS LESS syntax, written in php.

January 2009

SfDT - Symfony Development Tools, Eclipse plugin for symfony

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Coding in Symfony using Eclipse - actualy works with Eclipe 3.4 + PDT 2, even if only marked as working with Eclipse 3.3 and PDT 1.0.2.

The big list of current PHP development frameworks

50+ PHP5 frameworks reviewed. Very glad to see that the fastest framework of the history is in the list - I'll use randomly some of them if I have time to loose.

October 2008

Obvious Hints: FireSymfony - A Firebug extension for symfony

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Using Firebug for Symfony debug : a sfWebDebug extension combined with a Symfony extension.