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OWL 2 Web Ontology Language Document Overview

The W3C published 2 days ago the OWL2 Recommendation, made by 12 documents. A great step further in SW technologies, 5 years after the first OWL Recommendation !



OwlSight is an OWL ontology browser that runs in any modern web browser; it's developed with Google Web Toolkit and uses Gwt-Ext, as well as OWL-API. OwlSight is the client component and uses Pellet as its OWL reasoner.

An ontology that describes tags, as used in the popular and Flickr systems, and allows for relationships between tags to be described.


Music Ontology Specification

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The Music Ontology Specification provides main concepts and properties fo describing music (i.e. artists, albums and tracks) on the Semantic Web.

Where tagging meets the Semantic Web - GSWB

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Were things are said about tags and ontologies

OWL-S: Semantic Markup for Web Services

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Users and software agents should be able to discover, invoke, compose, and monitor Web resources offering particular services and having particular properties, and should be able to do so with a high degree of automation if desired. Powerful tools should be enabled by service descriptions, across the Web service lifecycle. OWL-S (formerly DAML-S) is an ontology of services that makes these functionalities possible. In this submission we describe the overall structure of the ontology and its three main parts: the service profile for advertising and discovering services; the process model, which gives a detailed description of a service's operation; and the grounding, which provides details on how to interoperate with a service, via messages.

Le Web Sémantique en entreprise : comment et à quels niveaux ?

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Bien qu’elle ait été lancée par le W3C dés 1998, l’initiative du Web sémantique [1] reste encore aujourd’hui marginale face aux problématiques courantes du Web, comme par exemple la publication de contenu. Pourtant, le WS est déjà riche de nombreux langages et outils qui peuvent trouver leur place au sein de l’entreprise, et améliorer la manière dont celle-ci traite, organise et publie ses données.

The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System

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Protégé est un éditeur d'ontologies disposant de nombreux plugins et supportant de nombreux formats.


OWL: Experiences and Directions

Workshop recensant les expériences et les emplois de OWL

Web Sémantique:PagePrincipale

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Wiki francophone sur le web sémantique : ressources normatives et non normatives

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