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Planet Play

The planet for the play framework. Worth a RSS subscription.



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Ever wanted to develop with java like Symfonians do ?

symfony 1.1 form framework and the MVC pattern - Aide de Camp - Fabien Potencier

This post is not a tutorial on the new form framework, this is just an attempt to explain why the new system sticks to the MVC pattern.


Frameworks PHP : Symfony, inachevé ? - Blog - Veille - Clever Age

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Derrière ce titre que Franz Schubert ne renierait pas se cachent nos interrogations au sujet de l’excellent framework Symfony qui, à peine un an après son lancement, s’impose peu à peu sur le devant de la scène PHP.

Akelos Framework, Rails ported to PHP

The Akelos Framework is an open-source port of Ruby on Rails to the PHP programming language.

Planet MVC - Blogs about MVC Frameworks and Patterns

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Aggregating MVC blogs covering Rails, Django, CakePHP ... on Ruby, Python, PHP ...

cake baker

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A blog for baking cakes with CakePHP

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