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Plupload - A tool for uploading files using Flash, Silverlight, Google Gears, HTML5 or Browserplus

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Pupload is a jQuery implementation of a multi-upload widget. If uses either a Falsh component, html5, Gears, Silverlight or Yahoo BrowserPlus in order to provide a strong and highly reliable multi-upload system.


Flowplayer - Flash Video Player for the Web

A sexy video player solution under GPL license. Provides javascript-flash binding, CSS animation, and several streaming plugins.


SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound for the Web

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SoundManager 2 is an attempt at providing the sound API which Javascript has been missing. It's a Javascript library which wraps and extends Flash's sound capabilities, bringing cross-platform audio functionality to Javascript.


Charts And Graphs: Modern Solutions | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

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Server-based solutions, implemented with Flash, JavaScript or pure CSS, offer a more flexible alternative. In fact, since Flash offers significant advantages over static data presentation with CSS and JavaScript, most solutions use it for dynamic data visualization. The data itself is often stored in XML-files which are loaded and updated via PHP or ASP. The price range varies enormously — depending on the flexibility and level of customization you’d like to have. However, if you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to — there are powerful free solutions as well.

Upload files using flash and javascript - SWFUpload

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A small javascript/flash library to get the best of both worlds - The great upload capabilitys of flash and the accessibility and ease of html/css

Player FLV JS

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Un lecteur flash vidéo contrôlable en javascript.