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elasticsearch - tutorials - Deploying ElasticSearch with Chef Solo

A very detailed tutorial on how to deploy ElasticSearch with Chef Solo


elasticsearch - blog - Percolator

ElasticSearch's new "Percolator" feature, which enabled to index queries and find which documents match them : instead of sending docs, indexing them, and then running queries, one sends queries, registers them, and then sends docs and finds out which queries match that doc.


ElasticSearch - Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

A distributed, highly available and restful search engine. It looks very promising and rather easy to deploy and have working. The killer feature : schema-less indexing (auto-discovery based on conventions). A serious concurrent to Solr ?

Scaling Lucene and Solr | Enterprise Search support for Apache Lucene and Solr by Lucid Imagination

An interesting article from Lucid Imagination employee Mark Miller about Scaling Solr. It gives a lot of good practices and tips on how to get the best out of one indexing machine, and explains how to use Solr built-in replication system.

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