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Awesome PHP Libraries and Resources

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An extensive list of interesting PHP libraries and frameworks


PHP Error | error reporting for PHP

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A nice stack trace generation tool for PHP.


A Symfony2 snippets bundle for SublimeText, which help being more producive with sf2 developement


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An auto-refresh for the browser when a file gets changed on the filesystem


TextMate Blog » TextMate 2.0 Alpha

Finally, Textmate2 made its way and is finally available as a public alpha version. Great and huge!

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

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An introduction to the JavaScript programming language, by Marijn Haverbeke. Very complete, extensive, and well-written resource. Must read for every intern in web developement ! :-)

Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage

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A js graphical library for drawing charts. It stands on top of jQuery, MooTools or Prototyp, depending on the host project fundations, and provides a large serie of nice colored animated charts.

Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects

The goal of this project is to provide a standard template for Jenkins jobs for PHP projects.


xavierlacot/joli.js - GitHub

joli.js is an Activerecord-like javascript ORM, particularly suited for being used in the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework.

Resources/tools/livetanium at master from krawaller/Titanium-Tools - GitHub

Made out of titanium, nodejs and unicorns, this library lets you code Titanium Mobile apps and see changes in realtime. It is really astonashing!

Liip Blog // PHP Content Repository: Full implementation in sight

Announcement of PHPCR available, using iterators, PHP 5.3 namespaces. This is the future storage backend for the Symfony2 CMF.

HipHop for Mac | HPHP Playground

HipHop PHP, Facebook's PHP preprocessor, has been ported to OSX. Nice features, and possibly a working install !

oauth-adapter - Project Hosting on Google Code

A pure js library for adding OAuth authentification capacities to Titanium Mobile applications

Semantic web user interfaces - Do they have to be ugly?

A presentation which explains how semweb people should work to create more user-friendly tools. There is a common dream about the semantic web : it should help develop omnipotent applications. Instead of this, the author explain that developers should concentrate on creating useful software, using semweb technologies. Meaningful.

A service allowing to build pear packages directly and automatically from a github repository. OpenId login. Nifty.

Titanium Mobile TextMate Bundle « Appcelerator Developer Center

An excellent Titanium mobile Textmate bundle, which enhances the Titanium coding experience within Textmate.

ServerGrove Blog » Blog Archive » Enhanced Access Control for Symfony Front Controllers

A simple way to extend the per-host access limitation to Symfony developement controllers.

Cuisine - Play recipes

Snippets for the Play framework. Recipes for every day meal!

Learning PHP 5.3 by writing your own ORM – techPortal

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A tutorial on how to create a simple ORM using power features of PHP5.3

Roadsend PHP Compiler

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A compiler for PHP programs, which allows to compile PHP application as common desktop binaries: non-required php executable, eventually microserver embedded, php-gtk support, etc.


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node.js allows the use of javacript on the server side, in a fresh and elegant way