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Web Audio Demos

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A collection of web audio demos



this document defines an API for extracting structurated information from web pages, using the RDFa formalism.


Google Analytics Blog: Web Analytics Tips & Tricks: Attention Developers: Google Analytics API Launched!

Finally, an API for Google analytics. 1- the guy behind AIR analytics will be breathing. 2- let's start using analytics for CMS dashboards !


SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound for the Web

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SoundManager 2 is an attempt at providing the sound API which Javascript has been missing. It's a Javascript library which wraps and extends Flash's sound capabilities, bringing cross-platform audio functionality to Javascript.


How to publish Linked Data on the Web?

There is already a lot of structured data accessible on the Web through Web 2.0 APIs such as the eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google Base APIs. Compared to these APIs, Linked Data has the advantage of providing a single, standardized access mechanism instead of relying on diverse interfaces and result formats.