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13 April 2008 10:00

Whiz on StarSearchCasting

A Whiz acting, modeling and Blog profile. You will find Whiz's abilities, Resume and maybe more than you thought you would find on Whiz! Starsearchcasting is free to join, but if you wish to utilize the auditions look-up or many of the services you will have to become a paying member.

30 October 2006 05:45


Where you can actually find The OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Site. Myspaces is youthful and full of entertainment and information for Whiz! The OFFICIAL WHIZ COMMUNITY Web Site, was started to search and find other Genuine, Official Whiz's. So very few have been found to date. The next choice was honorary Whiz's and Whizette's. Looking for the Whiz for ever, look no further. Yea, I know a lot of you are Looking for him and finding a lot of IRRELEVENT results for Whiz! Sorry about that. His name seems to be very popular. But you won't find any of those wanna-bee/fake Whizs' here. And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either. This site is for all of us Whiz Fans, to get together and maybe find some information on "The OFFICIAL WHIZ"! Yes people are actualy making Official community "Whiz Fan Clubs" now!

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