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June 2008

WebAPP CMS Announcing radical changes

WebAPP CMS is announcing radical changes. WebAPP would be going through some radical changes both in terms of script, organization and much more within the next two to three months, that is before or within the expected date for the release of a stable WebAPP V.2.0.

April 2008

Open Source CMS with Skype — WebAPP fully integrated 8 skype functions (6 for normal users and 2 more for admins) in which the users in the site can exchange not just chats, talks and voicemails but also files by a simple click on your WebAPP site. It also lets one add users by a simple click and view their skype profiles! WebAPP is an open source, multilingual, free CMS.

February 2008

WebAPP has just reached the 6,000 registered user mark!

WebAPP, Web Automated Perl Portal (multilingual CMS) continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and since the WebAPP V.1.0 SE release the WebAPP users community has nearly grown in an explanation rate!

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