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22 February 2007

Good Websites Should Be Like the Active Volcanoes

There are 7 common things between a good website and an active volcano. If your website has these 7 common things, it is a good one otherwise you have to make some changes in it.

21 February 2007

Is It Good to Link to the Other Websites?

Some webmasters don't like to link to other websites. They have some reasons for it but I have reasons that linking to other on-topic websites will not only make your websites more popular but will improve the search engine ranking.

07 February 2007

7 Steps to Have a "Hit" Website

You maybe one of those who love to have a website or weblog that makes lots of money because you have heard about super-star webmasters and bloggers. That's a good idea but before you start working, just make sure that you are the man!

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