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14 March 2007

Some Websites and Emails that You have to Avoid !

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There are over 56 million websites. How many of them are the websites that you should avoid? It doesn't matter how many. Something that does matter is that they all can be placed in 6 categories. You can easily know and avoid them if you just know the categories.

19 January 2007

Let BBB or Better Business Bureau Defend You Against Scam and Fraud

BBB or Better Business Bureau is an organization that can defend you against scam and fraud and companies who do not care about their clients and customers right. BBB service is free. If you have paid a company but are not happy with the product or service you have received or you want to pay and deal with a company that you know nothing about its background, use BBB website to file your complaint or search for the companies background for free.

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