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August 2007

Why Social Bookmarking Traffic Doesn't Make Money for You?

The secret is hidden in the social bookmarking websites' users. They don't come to your website to order something or click on your Adsense ads. They come to your website for other purposes.

How a Suitable ClickBank Product Should Be?

There are over 11,000 product in ClickBank. The best products are not merely those that are ranked higher than the others.

June 2007

Tens of Different Ways to Make Money from Home and through the Internet and Your Personal Computer

To start working from home, you really don't need to join any home business program and probably get scammed. You can easily start your home business through selling ClickBank digital products, blogging, stock exchange, Forex, eBay, accounting and ... .

March 2007

AdSense Arbitrage Secrets Revealed !

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In the last two months, I discussed with several Internet marketers in tens of forums to know if it is possible to make any money through AdSense Arbitrage or not. I learnt a lot of things and find out that it works only if you know all the secrets. I have revealed all these secrets in this article.

Some Websites and Emails that You have to Avoid !

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There are over 56 million websites. How many of them are the websites that you should avoid? It doesn't matter how many. Something that does matter is that they all can be placed in 6 categories. You can easily know and avoid them if you just know the categories.

How to Start Working Online

There are many who love to start an online business that can be done from home. There problem is they don't know "how" and "from where". I believe the most important thing in starting a new business is making a decision. Without a serious decision, no business will be started.

Should You Submit Your Sites to Yahoo Directory?

Having links from small web directories is nothing more than wasting your time and money. But there are two directories you should consider to have your website listed in them: Yahoo and DMOZ. Why Yahoo? It is a paid directory but recommended by Google.

How to Fight Content Stealing

If you have a website or weblog that have unique and distinct content, you have to protect it against splogs and content stealers. It is very easy to track and close stealer websites and weblogs. You just need to find the domain registration and hosting company and send a warning message to them. You can do it in a few minutes.

February 2007

Have You Ever Read the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Most webmasters and bloggers have never read the Google Webmaster Guidelines. That's why most of them can not see their websites in the Google search result pages. Google Webmaster Guidelines talks about two main things: Design and Promotion. Design your websites and keep on promoting them according to Google Webmaster Guidelines and receive free traffic from Google.

How to Have Your Website Ranked Both in Google and Yahoo

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It is a big question for webmasters who their websites are ranked in one of the main search engines, Google or Yahoo but not in both of them. How can they have their websites ranked in both? Website content and quality, link popularity and quality of the backlinks are the main factors.

Good Websites Should Be Like the Active Volcanoes

There are 7 common things between a good website and an active volcano. If your website has these 7 common things, it is a good one otherwise you have to make some changes in it.

Is It Good to Link to the Other Websites?

Some webmasters don't like to link to other websites. They have some reasons for it but I have reasons that linking to other on-topic websites will not only make your websites more popular but will improve the search engine ranking.

The Future of the World and Internet - Dark or Brilliant?

You should reserve your seat in this immense stadium now. It will be too hard or too late to do it when there are over 200 million websites. It will be even too hard to register a good and short domain name because all of them will be taken by the others.

7 Steps to Have a "Hit" Website

You maybe one of those who love to have a website or weblog that makes lots of money because you have heard about super-star webmasters and bloggers. That's a good idea but before you start working, just make sure that you are the man!

Is Description Meta Tag Dead?

Description meta tag has no effect in your website ranking in search engines but it is still important because it introduces your website to search engines and users. It can have positive effect if you know how to make it and can have negative effects if you make mistakes in your website description.

January 2007

What Kind of Home Based Internet Jobs Are Right for You?

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There are many who love to work from home online but don't know what kinds of online home business is suitable for them. Some have their own products that can be sold through the internet and many others have no product but can promote others' products through the internet and make commissions.

How to Report Spam and Scam Emails

If you have an email address, you will receive scam and spam emails every now and then. You should be able to report these emails. If all the internet users learn how to do that, we will have a safer internet for everybody.

Let BBB or Better Business Bureau Defend You Against Scam and Fraud

BBB or Better Business Bureau is an organization that can defend you against scam and fraud and companies who do not care about their clients and customers right. BBB service is free. If you have paid a company but are not happy with the product or service you have received or you want to pay and deal with a company that you know nothing about its background, use BBB website to file your complaint or search for the companies background for free.