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23 December 2006 16:45

Auto Europe

Ex-German chancellor warns of growing rift between US and EuropeIslamic Republic News Agency,- 4 hours agoFormer German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder warned of a deepening rift between the US and Europe over how to deal with global

China, North Europe to strengthen trade union cooperation

China’s top trade union leader Wang Zhaoguo met Tuesday with trade union leaders of five north European countries, vowing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. “It is of great significance to deeply exchange views between the two sides on issues of common concern,” Wang told his counterparts from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland who were here attending a seminar on the role of trade unions

Travel Europe

“One day we did something that’d we’d never done – we joined a small tour group and visited the vineyards outside of town. Without a car, it was impossible for us to travel to these small communities

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