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October 2012

Foursquare Usage Per Country - AppAppeal

1.8% of the Foursquare users come from France and they generate 1.4% of the pageviews on Foursquare.

September 2012

Breakdown: Social Media Workflow, Process, Triage

Definition:  A Social Media Workflow, Process, or Triage is a sequence of connected steps that enables the entire organization to act efficiently with minimal overlapping tasks and resources in order to serve the market in social channels and beyond.

August 2012

June 2012

A Facebook Like Does Not Equal an Opt-in

I’m writing this post while visiting Antwerp, Belgium as part of the Social Business Sessions I’m hosting along with The Fusion Marketing Experience. While here, I had an opportunity to spend time with several Belgian journalists. One of the notable conversations was with Erik Verdonck of Pub, a local magazine focused on the advertising industry. The three themes we touched upon are not only timely, but representative of the challenges that face marketers and strategists around the globe.

3 Social Media Models That Will Guide Your Brand Into The Conversation Landscape

Think social media and conversational marketing might be the next train to heaven for your brand but don’t know where to board? Well, here’s three social media marketing models that will make sure you’ll find your station.

Period Table of Social Media

Recently, we shared LUMA Partner's insane infographic showing how complicated social media has become. The post received a lot of feedback, largely centered around what was missing. There were a few major social media outlets that seemed near impossible to miss, mainly 2012's darling child Pinterest. The largest problem with LUMA's graph was that it was created in June of 2011, long before Pinterest became nationally popular. Never mind: hosting provider InMotion Hosting made a graphic a few months ago that included Pinterest and a few others, this time in the form of a periodic table. Put it this way, if you were going to try to tell your grandmother how she could advertise her organic blueberry business online, this is what you would use. It's still confusing, cluttered and ever-changing, but the periodic table provides at least some hope of creating a strategy to navigating the big social media networks.

How to Use the New Google Analytics Social Reporting Tool

The new social media reporting tools from Google Analytics provides marketers free social media monitoring and measurement capabilities. The new reporting features provide the most value when coupled with Google+. This way, community managers gain insight around off-page activity as Google Analytics and Google+ are happily integrated.

Tumblr Unveils First Major Brand Campaign for Adidas

Less than two months after announcing its plunge into paid advertising, Tumblr has sold a month-long campaign to a global advertiser: Adidas.

Le format du forum, toujours utile pour récolter les critiques des consommateurs

UserVoice a construit un support client basé autour de forums, avec comme priorité à facilité d'accès. Tandis que les réseaux sociaux sont une chaîne prioritaire de feedback consommateur, le format des forums n’est peut-être pas mort.

May 2012

Les techniques secrètes de l’engagement sur internet

Si vous cherchez un philtre d’amour pour passer la bague au doigt à votre conjoint, passez votre chemin. Cet article vise à expliciter des astuces permettant d’alpaguer les internautes et de provoquer en eux une réaction que vous souhaitez : l’engagement. Comment ? En instaurant un effet domino inconscient. Si vous avez l’habitude de lire des articles traitants des médias sociaux, vous n’avez pas pu passer à côté de la notion d’engagement (même si le storytelling a plus la côte depuis quelque temps). Escomptée par les marques, démocratisée par les blogueurs, monétisée par les agences et recommandée par les internautes, cette notion est un pilier du web social qui sait se faire désirer. Au-delà des considérations mercantiles, l’engagement c’est avant tout l’assurance d’une synergie productive avec la marque, le signe indéniable d’une cardiométrie au beau fixe. C’est également l’opportunité de travailler sur des problématiques centrales comme la relation client. Toutefois, savez-vous réellement ce que sous-entend l’engagement ? Ce nom recouvre-t-il plusieurs réalités/vérités ? Quelles techniques peuvent faciliter son émergence ? Par quels leviers webmarketing cela peut-il se traduire ? Comment les internautes peuvent s’engager par eux-même ? Comment exploiter l’engagement pour en soutirer des bénéfices durables  ?

5 Simple Metrics to Track Your Social Media Efforts

Are you looking for simple, straightforward metrics to measure the impact of your social media efforts? Social networks and blogs continue to dominate Americans’ time online (accounting for nearly a quarter of total time spent on the Internet) according to a recent Nielsen report on social media, . While we all know how important it is to market through the various social networks, it is vital to track and measure your efforts for success. Here are five simple metrics to find out whether your social media effort is paying dividends.

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