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20 June 2012

Period Table of Social Media

Recently, we shared LUMA Partner's insane infographic showing how complicated social media has become. The post received a lot of feedback, largely centered around what was missing. There were a few major social media outlets that seemed near impossible to miss, mainly 2012's darling child Pinterest. The largest problem with LUMA's graph was that it was created in June of 2011, long before Pinterest became nationally popular. Never mind: hosting provider InMotion Hosting made a graphic a few months ago that included Pinterest and a few others, this time in the form of a periodic table. Put it this way, if you were going to try to tell your grandmother how she could advertise her organic blueberry business online, this is what you would use. It's still confusing, cluttered and ever-changing, but the periodic table provides at least some hope of creating a strategy to navigating the big social media networks.

30 May 2012

[Infographie] Retour d’expérience Pinterest pour une boutique en ligne

Au delà des chiffres qui ne me semblent pas nécessairement comparables entre Facebook et Pinterest en particulier sur la question des nouveaux utilisateurs – compte tenu de l’ancienneté de la communauté Facebook par rapport à la communauté Pinterest – je retiens pour ma part que la présence sur Pinterest est rentable pour un e-commerçant, ce dont je suis convaincu.

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