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August 2011

Rare Footage: Haga Junichi, Genius Swordsman of Showa Period Kendo - YouTube

羽賀準一: 昭和剣道界の鬼才 Haga Junichi: Genius Swordsman of the Showa Kendo World Rare footage, plus old-style Kendo footage. This video is kindly provided to me by Fujimori-Sensei and Uki-Kaicho of Ikkenkai, Haga-Dojo, and uploaded with their kind permission.

June 2011

YouTube - Making katana koshirae, component tsuka 1/12

Ajoutée par balzerz le 2 oct. 2009 Making katana koshirae, component tsuka 1/12

May 2011

Dominique Pierre 5º Dan - Ken

Stage D.Pierre 5º Dan AIKIDO - Kuden Iai - Karate Shotokan Irún (San Sebastián-España) Abril 2009

March 2011

YouTube - 神社 演武04

A group, most likely Fukuoka-teached, performing Shinto-ryu kenjutsu. The pair in the background are showing all 4 of the short-sword kata. The foreground pair are showing some of the long-sword kata.

YouTube - Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu

Taped at Kumano Hongu Taisha in Southeast Wakayama prefecture on August 20th, 2006. This is "the Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu kata from Shinto Muso ryu Jo." - Ai sui (sa) - Chibarai - Sarin - Uke nagashi - Suri komi

December 2010

October 2010

YouTube - Shintô Musô-ryû (Genève, 17.10.2010), première partie

Démonstration par Pascal Krieger et d'autres membres de son école, lors du "Nihon matsuri" organisé le 17 octobre 2010 à Genève, dans le cadre du "Mois de la culture japonaise".

September 2010

May 2010

YouTube - Shaolin Sword Techniques vs. Japanese Katana

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit demonstrating some of the secrets of the Shaolin Sword (Jian). All of the exchanges are impromptu. The Shaolin Sword is an amazing weapon. It is light, and can be easily broken if clashed directly with heavier weapons. Nevertheless, it was the choice weapon of many masters in the past because in the hands of a skillful swordsman, the techniques can be amazing. The Shaolin Sword is quite different from swords of other martial cultures, like the Samurai sword or the Western sword. Some kung fu practitioners, however, use a Jian as if it were a Samurai sword, a Western sword, or a kung fu saber (Dao). This is incorrect. This video shows some of the secret applications of the Shaolin Sword. These sword techniques were kept as top secrets in the past. Hence, many kung fu practitioners today who have learned sword sets do not know the combat applications of the sword. One of the tactics of the Shaolin Sword is to attack the wrist and hand of the opponent, thereby disarming him. This tactic is shown in the video.

Kiri-otoshi, Suri-otoshi, Suri-age

Aikido tactics are grounded in sword tactics. Here the tactic of Object Displacement is used as a calibration device geared toward cultivating a harmony between one’s Angle of Deviation and one’s Angle of Deflection.

April 2010

YouTube - Katori Shinto Ryu Naginatajutsu

From the 2004 Meiji Jingu embu, a demonstration of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu Naginata kata.

YouTube - paris taikai demo iaido j-j sauvage

demonstration deiaido par jean jaques sauvage lors du paris taikai 2008

Seitei Gata - Akban-wiki, the Martial Arts Database

These are the standard Japanese sword (katana) drawing techniques. The Seitei gata were standardized by a formal comity of Japanese traditional martial artists in the late 20th century. Clicking on the links leads to a description and fine points of executing the techniques and to an embedded video of these Iaido kata.

March 2010

YouTube - Bokken Techniques Obata

One Man teaching a man another man swordsmanship kinda cool a bit long though Don't know where I got this

YouTube - Basic Aikido Tools : Aikido Jo Weapon Handling Tips

In Aikido a Jo is a long staff that is used for spearing, hitting or deflecting a strike from an opponent. Learn tips from an Aikido expert on how to hold and use this weapon properly. Expert: Cliff Derdeyn Bio: Cliff Derdeyn has been involved in Japanese internal and martial arts for 26 years. He has studied sword work under Japanese sword master, Tetsuzan Kuroda. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

February 2010

YouTube - Iaido - ippon me mae (subtitled)

This is koryuu iaido which means old school iaido, of the muso jikiden eishinryuu school, so if you practice iaido, don't use this video as a tutorial, but as a general reference to some universal iaido rules

November 2009

Jo 31 kata in 4 directions

The 31 jo kata often practiced by aikidoka, is normally done in two directions - most movements to the front, and a few to the back. In my dojo, we got the idea of making it shiho, four directions, like most kata with that many movements are in other budo. It's fun for a change. Try it out, if you like - and if the photos and video clips are clear enough to figure out the movements. If not, then why don't you find out your own way of doing it? The photos were taken by Patrik Orth in Zlin. The video clips were filmed by Johnny Petersen at Enighet dojo in Malmö.

YouTube - Aikido instruction; 31 jo kata

This video shows the 31 jo kata from 3 angles and the footwork in detail. The kata is executed by Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros (rokudan), chief instructor of TAKN. This is an instructional video made by Takemusu Aikido Kyokai Nederland.

October 2009

Taito: Be Ready To Draw

Taito (tai-to)is a command and means "wear your sword". You have a shinai in your hand and carry it in your left hand in the sageto position.

September 2009

Muso Shinden Ryo Iaido Koryu Kata (All Japan Kendo Federation) - View topic •

These Iai arts were performed by NAGAE Matasaburo, in his sixties (guess). He was born and lived in Nagasaki, received the 7th grade of Kendo and 8th grade of Iai from Zen-Nippon Kendo Renmei (All-Japan Kendo Federation). He also practiced Shinto Munen style Iai. The original movies were recorded in 8mm films, then edited in a VHS tape. It's not known who took and maintained these films (maybe one of Matasaburo's disciples did). They were converted to DV (digital video) format, stored in HDD, finally created QuickTime H.263 format (360x240, 15fps, compressed).