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December 2010

Samurai Katana Sword: Katana Blade Structure

To create an excellent cold weapon, a swordsmith is to achieve two goals: the blade must be sharp but, simultaneously, it should not be brittle. However, these two ends contradict each other. The higher is the carbon content of the steel, the sharper is the sword that is produced from it, but high carbon content also makes the blade fragile. Using ductile steel allows to achieve durability, but the swords made from soft, malleable steel grow blunt very soon.

November 2010

December 2008

YouTube - Nihonto TV Swordsmith Class

Paul Martin of Nihonto TV visits the 'Kogatana Koubo' in Tokyo. A class where you can experience the work of a Japanese swordsmith. This is done by making a small knife called a kogatana. You get to experience every stage of production, starting from the raw steel (called tamahagane), right through to quenching the blade.

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