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30 March 2010 10:30

Zanshin, Mushin & Metsuke - Tsuki Kage dojo - FAQ

It is possible that different traditions may vary slightly in how they define the term zanshin. The late Donn Draeger translated zanshin as: "literally 'alertness remaining-form': this term signifies physical form united with mental acuity and concentration, resulting in uninterrupted dominance over the adversary. There could be no effective fighting skill without it. Zanshin was the undeniable mark of the expert technician; it could not be faked. It was the result of countless hours of experience in combative training and was expressed through physical posture. Through zanshin the bushi achieved the proper mental and physical attitude with which to dominate his adversary." (Classical Bujutsu, page 62). However, there is a common usage that many styles seem to follow.

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