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30 March 2010 15:45

Blocking with the Edge - Tsuki Kage dojo - FAQ

Working terminology: Diversion - glancing or moving an attack to the outside of the intended target; often done with the raised ridge (shinogi) on the side of the blade. Parry - a fluid blade diversion and riposte movement by the defender. Block - a hard block in which generally one sword will be struck against another at a right angle, typically creating an "X" shape. It is not *preferable* to block with the edge of a sword. But a swordsman will find themselves (during real combat, shiai, or even practicing freestyle in the dojo) tricked off guard at times, and will have to use the edge to save themselves from being struck down. Blocking with the edge is simply the fastest, most direct, and strongest (alignment wise) defense against an incoming cut.

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