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September 2011

Aikicam - Ki Musubi

La compréhension de la notion de « Ki Musubi » est importante dans notre pratique. Pour mieux saisir ce terme, on peut en étudier l’étymologie

May 2011

Ki Musubi No Tachi | Takemusu Aikido South Africa | Aikido South Africa

“All Aikido techniques begin with blending movements. Tai-jutsu, the ken and jo techniques all begin with blending movements. This type of movement represents the essence of Aikido. We can learn this important principle through practice of the ken. We both raise our swords above our heads, matching movements. We have the feeling of absorbing the ki of the universe and we attempt to cultivate a mushin or self-less state in the same way as in zazen seated meditation. As his strike comes, I move off to the right and counter-strike. When he tries to raise his sword to attack me, I thrust him from below by matching his movement. Then, I avoid his strike moving to the left and strike him. He steps backward to raise his sword and I match his movement, cutting him at the wrist.” – Morihiro Saito Sensei

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