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YouTube - 神社 演武04

A group, most likely Fukuoka-teached, performing Shinto-ryu kenjutsu. The pair in the background are showing all 4 of the short-sword kata. The foreground pair are showing some of the long-sword kata.

YouTube - Donn Draeger Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu

Donn Draeger and Kaminoda Tsunemori demonstrate Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu.

YouTube - Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu

Taped at Kumano Hongu Taisha in Southeast Wakayama prefecture on August 20th, 2006. This is "the Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu kata from Shinto Muso ryu Jo." - Ai sui (sa) - Chibarai - Sarin - Uke nagashi - Suri komi


Kasumi Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kasumi Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu (霞神道流剣術?), or (Shintō-ryū Kenjutsu), is one of the names used to describe the collection of sword-versus-sword training-forms (kata) for the long and short sword found exclusively in the Japanese martial arts system Shintō Musō-ryū (SMR).[1] The system comprises 12 standing forms, 8 of which are for the longsword (Odachi) and 4 with the short sword (kodachi).

Kendo Kata: General Infomation on Kata

So kendo kata definitely contains old style kenjutsu moves and they are different from kendo with shinai (shinai kendo). That is why we have to learn these forms. Maybe because kata does not seem very practical to many people for shinai kendo, many people see kata as something they have to do for their promotion exam (grading). But as all the high rank senseis say, it must be studied more often than it is now.

2009 - The Study Of Iaido

This is the first in a continuing series of articles on the Japanese art of iaido the modern discipline or way of drawing the sword that was popularized in the 1930's. It was derived from iaijutsu, a sub-specialization of kenjutsu (sword arts) that was practiced by professional (samurai) warriors and involved methods of drawing the sword and cutting as a single motion. Future articles will focus on concepts that relate to practice and then on specific analyses of kata and basic techniques.

Dailymotion - tenshin shoden katori shinto ryu

je vous propose de découvrir ces 2 disciplines que sont le kenjutsu et l'iaido au travers de l'ecole katori crée au 13eme siècle