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07 September 2009 12:00

Matsu Gallery - Japanese Woodblock Prints

The gallery specialises in fine Japanese prints and paintings from the 1700's to the present day. Please feel free to browse through our stock of Prints and Paintings. We have included a section on Printmaking for those interested in the process, or for those less familiar with woodblock prints. There is also a section on Kabuki as historically, many prints draw on Japanese theatre and dance for their subject matter.

Yamato-e - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yamato-e (大和絵 [jamatoꜜe]) is a style of Japanese painting inspired by Tang Dynasty paintings and developed in the late Heian period. It is considered the classical Japanese style. From the Muromachi period (15th century), the term Yamato-e has been used to distinguish work from contemporary Chinese style paintings (kara-e), which were inspired by Sung and Yuan Dynasty Zen Buddhism paintings.

07 September 2009 11:45