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November 2010

The truth behind swordsmanship | [ ]

"when two people come together and fight with swords, the feeling of striking a particular area will arise in your opponent. At that time, you should give your entire body over to your opponent. At the exact moment when they see their chance and attempt to strike you should strike them and win…. this is real victory."

December 2008

Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors

KIAI is a non-profit association founded to improve the communications among kenjutsu instructors worldwide. Members of KIAI are instructors of Japanese sword arts from various styles, schools and associations, who teach all nihonto-related martial arts, including koryu and gendai kenjutsu, kendo, iaijutsu, iaido, batto-do, goshido, chanbara, shinkendo, aiki-boken, ninja-ken, and various other forms of Japanese swordsmanship. KIAI membership is free. KIAI organizes national, reginal and international seminars and competitions.

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