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12 May 2010

Kigurai and Maai; Iaido | Idaho Kendo Club | Boise Idaho | Japanese Kendo and Iaido

Robert D. Stroud June 8, 2008 Note: This was written by Robert Stroud Sensei for his fullment of the written portion of the shinsa requirements for the rank of Iaido 6 Dan. 1. What is Kigurai? 2. What are ma and maai? Describe their application in one or two All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido kata? 3. What is important when teaching Iaido to beginners?

07 April 2010

Maai and Personal Space in Iaido

Iaido is a difficult art to practice because we have no opponent, or rather, our opponent is imaginary and invisible. In this article I will discuss the concept of maai in relation to our impression of personal space and I will examine the interpretation of iaido kata in relation to this awareness of space.