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13 December 2008 21:45

My Thoughts on Honte and Gyakute - A discussion by Nishioka Sensei. Jodojo 11 Apr 04

This writing describes the terms “Junte” and “Gyakute”, and in Iaido the corresponding terms are “Juntou” and “Sakatou”. In Jodo we have “Honte” which corresponds to “Kirite” in Kendo. These words are different for each art. There are 3 ways to take Kamae (or stance) with the hips: front on, side on, and in between. These stances naturally have their own names as well. Particularly in Jodo, there are two ways to grip things - Honte and Gyakute. To understand Honte and Gyakute, one must perfectly explain these things, internalise these techniques, and put them into practice. So even if you understand these words, it is a different matter to be able to perform them properly or not. Matsuoka Sensei wrote in his book that even when one looks up these terms in the dictionary it is still difficult to understand. Since the time I came to comprehend SMR Jodo, I realised the carelessness about these issues (both of my myself and others). Therefore, I would like to explain my style.

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