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30 October 2010 17:45

What is "rei" ? (礼) - Kendo Club at University of Michigan

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to speak with Takashi Ezaki sensei, one of the founding members and an instructor at the Kendo Club at the University of Michigan. A few weeks before he left to return to Japan, we were discussing our motivations for doing kendo. Ezaki-sensei made a remark that has stayed with me since. He said, "Kendo in America is very interesting. Sometimes in Japan I find kendo a little boring. But in America it is fascinating to hear Americans try to teach things like "rei", which we don't teach in Japan because its already widely understood."

30 October 2010 17:30

Budo Blog: Etiquette

In feudal Japan, a society that fully understood the realities of violence, developed reigei (not Bob Marley) which roughly translates as etiquette art. In a time and place where accidently bumping into someone (touching saya) could mean a fight to the death you better understand the rules.