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14 June 2007

Xerox Invisible Fluorescent Printing

This new method is side product of Xerox’s larger studies to put more security into digitally printed documents by making any element on the page - such as lines, text, and images - unique to the recipient.

11 May 2007

"Gelly" Printers by Ricoh

Ricoh UK introduced a new range of desktop printers using gel-based color-system. The new Ricoh Aficio GX3000, GX3050N and GX5050N have a high speed of printing, up to 30 pages per minute in monochrome and color. The speed could be compared to the speed of laser printers, but the price is more like that of inkjets.

03 May 2007

How Would You Like Your Toast? – Printed!

Many areas of human life have enjoyed the printing technologies – medicine, electronics and so on. However, as time goes by, printing finds new, absolutely unexpected areas of application

20 April 2007

Inkjet Printer Creates Body Organs

Scientists at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine are using inkjet printers to create organs and tissues, that’s something that could change the very way of studying tissue engineering.

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