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October 2007

How Laser Printers First Appeared and Developed

On October 22, 1938, when American inventor Chester Carlson together with German immigrant Otto Kornei first transferred an image from a glass microscope slide to a sheet of wax paper using method later called electrophotography. Kornei wrote the words “10.-22.-38 ASTORIA.” in ink on a glass microscope slide. Then the experimentalists prepared a zinc plate with a sulphur coating, darkened the room, rubbed the sulphur surface with a handkerchief to apply an electrostatic charge. After that they laid the slide on the zinc plate, exposing it to a bright, incandescent light.

New Epson Stylus Photo R1900 Produces Trillions Of Colors

The Photo R1900 implements a “groundbreaking” technology that allows for “smoother images and color control” coupled with UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss2 Ink. The UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss2, apart from common cyan, magenta and yellow inks, also features matte black, photo black, red, orange (replacement for blue) and gloss optimiser.

A Substitute For Printing Ink is Found

American scientists please us with another achievement in printing technology. They found a new method printing finely-detailed microscopic images with an enzyme instead of ink.

September 2007

IBM Introduces Nanosize Printing Technology

The technology makes it possible to manipulate particles smaller than 100 nanometers, which delivers resolution equivalent to 100,000 dots per inch. Compare that to maximum resolution of 1,500 dots per inch of current offset printers.

The Compact, the Stylish And the Sexy

Now, let’s get back from the world of innovation technologies to printer maker releases.

Remanufactured Cartridges: Truth and Myths

When searching for cartridges for your printer, you are likely to stop at reliable source offering best price. Deciding on the reliable source may be a matter of taste or experience (personal or second-hand) and that is a subject for a separate discussion. Best price is something more objective. Looking for the best price, you may often come across so-called remanufactured cartridges. They cost the cheapest, so a natural question rises – if they are as reliable as they cost? Let’s have a look at what remanufactured cartridges really are.

August 2007

All Quiet In HP Printers

HP responded with a letter posted on blog. The blogger Charlie Sorrel believes this response is only to pacify the public, though the matter definitely requires further careful investigation, and advises to sit away from your printer (inkjet printer owners may feel relieved)

New Printer Smells Like a Rose

Did you even wonder what printing pages feel like? They are warm from fuser heat and smell like… well, they, probably, smell of just fused toner. Boring, right? Now imagine if a page you got took from printer gives off fragrances of lavender or roses. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet a perfumed printer.

July 2007

Kyocera Claims HP’s Advertisement False

Kyocera, a Japanese printer manufacturer, has filed an official complaint with Advertising Standards Authority in the US blaming recent HP advertisement of being “disingenuous”.

June 2007

Laser Printers Are Doomed To Extinct?

Inkjet technology has a bright future, as people are looking for alternatives to laser. The introduction of Memjet and Edgeline is another proof of that. It is just going to take time for page-width inkjets to become integral part of our life.

HP Color LaserJet CP4005dn: Heavy, But Capable

Fast, capable and good at output quality. Isn’t it what you would expect from a HP color laser printer. New HP Color LaserJet CP4005dn Printer is just like that.

Xerox Invisible Fluorescent Printing

This new method is side product of Xerox’s larger studies to put more security into digitally printed documents by making any element on the page - such as lines, text, and images - unique to the recipient.

Siemens T100 Teleprinter: Ancestor of Today's Network Printers

Developed in the middle of 19 century, by 1940’s telegraphy had become the most common type of connection between cities, countries, and even continents, so messages could be sent across the globe.

May 2007

Wireless Mountable Printer

A printer that need no cables and occupies no room on you desktop

"Gelly" Printers by Ricoh

Ricoh UK introduced a new range of desktop printers using gel-based color-system. The new Ricoh Aficio GX3000, GX3050N and GX5050N have a high speed of printing, up to 30 pages per minute in monochrome and color. The speed could be compared to the speed of laser printers, but the price is more like that of inkjets.

How Would You Like Your Toast? – Printed!

Many areas of human life have enjoyed the printing technologies – medicine, electronics and so on. However, as time goes by, printing finds new, absolutely unexpected areas of application

April 2007

Silver Filled Inkjet Printer Produces Electric Circuits

...then they printed different circuits on variety of media – paper, cotton, acetate, and even transparent film, and it worked out good. To improve conductivity, patterns are printer two or three times...

Inkjet Printer Creates Body Organs

Scientists at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine are using inkjet printers to create organs and tissues, that’s something that could change the very way of studying tissue engineering.

Inkjet To the Bone

With a modified inkjet printer, scientists can produce perfect ‘hard copies’ of damaged bones to be inserted into the body to help it revive

Another Use of An Inkjet Printer

Well, seems like we are entering an era of new types of multifunction – first, printer showing video, now TVs printing text. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up.

New HP Printers. Now With Video.

A really nice move by HP. First, they will help users indeed. Second, we are, probably, witnessing how a new entertainment market is born. How long has it been since nobody really believed watching video in mobile phone would come true? :)

Epson About to Leave Customers with No Choice

Sure, the Epson reps claim they pursue unfair competition, and that they will take whatever actions necessary to protect Epson’s patents, blah-blah-blah, and Epson has been successful in its efforts to do so. Business model of inkjet printer manufacturers has long been selling cheap printers and making profit on original cartridges, it is make sense to keep the third party companies away from consumables market, since printer ink is a $32 billion market worldwide. Given all that, no doubt Epson’s going to be persistent in taking away compatible ink cartridges manufacturers. So, soon we may have no choice but to use only costly original inks for Epson printers.

Network Printer Can Cost You Job or Business

So, folks, always remember to take your printouts from printer’s tray, if you don’t want to have your business ruined or be fired :)

Web Friendly Printer

If you ever tried printing a random web page, you probably know that what you get is far from original. There are stripes of white space, images chopped in two, text cut from one side, and so on. That’s annoying. On the other hand, with the development of Internet era people tend to print less, partially because of such web-hostile printer behavior.

Inkless Printer Inside Your Mobile or Camera

ZINK Imaging is up to finish off all mobiles and other gadgets owners. We hardly managed to get used to a digital camera in every mobile phone, when ZINK is getting another surprise – built-in color printer for mobiles

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