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Tweet! Put Twitter on your site with this simple, unobtrusive jQuery widget

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put twitter on your website with tweet!, an unobtrusive javascript plugin for jquery.


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Cosmoz vous permet de créer un site personnalisé très facilement en quelques clics ! C'est le twitter du ecommerce, à mi-chemin entre un blog et une boutique, Cosmoz invente le micro-ecommerce.


ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine

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ThinkUp captures your posts, replies, retweets, friends, followers, and links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. We'll be adding more networks in the future. ThinkUp stores your social data in a database you control, and makes it easy to search, sort, filter, export, and visualize in useful ways.

Hitotoki — Mapping moments around the world

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Hitotoki stores literary 'sketches' of moments you experience every day. No check-ins. No bullshit badges. We think the most interesting stuff happens in the space between places. Hitotoki is built to help you capture those moments.

Panic Blog » The Panic Status Board

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The idea quickly grew beyond “Project Status”, and has become a hub of all sorts of internal Panic information. What you’re actually looking at is an internal-only webpage that updates frequently using AJAX which shows: * E-Mail Queue — number of messages / number of days. * Project Status — sorry for the heavy censorship — you know how it is! * Important Countdowns * Revenue — comparing yesterday to the day before, not so insightful (yet). * Live Tri-Met Bus Arrivals — when it’s time to go home! * The Panic Calendar * Employee Twitter Messages * Any @Panic Twitter Messages — i.e., be nice! They go on our screen!


Handgloves is a clean, feature rich WordPress theme set in Helvetica. It is a blogging theme for people who love social media. The sidebar makes a prominent feature of Flickr, Twitter & your latest posts. It has a range of bespoke WP functions such as splitting the archives by year into separate ULs and dynamic features are powered by jQuery 1.2.3


The Archivist - Save and Export Twitter Searches Before They Go Away

If you have used Twitter search before, you may notice that you can only go back a certain amount of time and/or number of tweets for a given search. In fact, if you read the Twitter search documentation, you'll note that the folks from Twitter say, "We also restrict the size of the search index by placing a date limit on the updates we allow you to search. This limit is currently around a month but is dynamic and subject to shrink as the number of tweets per day continues to grow."

Hello » About

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Howdy folks! Hello is a simple app that helps people make friends and have more fun at conferences. What does it do? The idea is fairly simple: When you arrive at the conference, simply say which seat you're sitting in, via Twitter. You can then browse the rest of the audience and see else is sitting around you, what their interest are, and whether you have anything in common. You can also search the audience for specific names or skillset (php, designer, marketer, etc).


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this is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter. inspired by wefeelfine, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs.