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Open Source Email Templates · sendwithus

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Open Source Email Templates Responsive, Free, and Community Driven

Transactional HTML Email Templates

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Styling HTML email is painful. Tables, inline CSS, unsupported CSS, desktop clients, web clients, mobile clients, various devices, various providers. All these things have to be thought about and tested. It’s no surprise developers don’t want to deal with this when there is a backlog of more important priorities. We’ve tried to remove some of the pain for you and open-sourced a collection of common templates for transactional email.

Inkbrush | A web application to quickly build bulletproof HTML emails.

Build Bulletproof Email Faster Than Ever! Quickly create customized HTML email from any creative mockup, that works on any device and in every inbox.



ICanHaz.js | client-side templating with Mustache.js and jQuery or Zepto.js

Simple & powerful client-side templating for jQuery or Zepto.js


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