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intentional futures

Experience inventors. Simplifiers. Storytellers. We are a product envisioning, design and engineering studio working to bring the future a little closer.


Easing Functions Guide de référence

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Easing function précise la vitesse d’exécution d’une animation pour la rendre plus réaliste. Un objet réel ne commence pas son mouvement instantanément et à vitesse constante. Lorsque nous ouvrons un tiroir, nous devons d’abord indiquer son accélération puis sa décélération. Lorsque quelque chose tombe, sa vitesse de chute va de plus en plus vite puis, lorsqu’il touche le sol il rebondit. Cette page permet de choisir la fonction désirée.


A Visual Git Reference

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This page gives brief, visual reference for the most common commands in git. Once you know a bit about how git works, this site may solidify your understanding.


Styleguide — Paul Robert Lloyd

This document is a guide to the mark-up styles used throughout the site.

Voyage au coeur de JavaScript (ECMAScript 3)

Cet article est une traduction de JavaScript. The Core écrit par Dmitry Soshnikov. Javascript The Core est un sommaire détaillé de la série d’article “ECMA-262-3 in detail”.

HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.4 updated 5/12

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Welcome to the HTML Email Boilerplate. This website and its sample code creates a template of sorts, absent of design or layout, that will help you avoid some of the major rendering problems with the most common email clients out there — Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.

SCVNGR’s Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck

SCVNGR, which makes a mobile game with real-world challenges, has a playdeck. It is a deck of cards listing nearly 50 different game mechanics that can be mixed and matched to create the foundation for different types of games. I’ve republished the accompanying document below, which should be interesting to anybody trying to inject a gaming dimension into their products.

15 Minute SEO List - Learn how to SEO

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Here is a checklist of the factors that affect your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the other search engines. The list contains positive, negative and neutral factors because all of them exist. Most of the factors in the checklist apply mainly to Google and partially to Bing, Yahoo! and all the other search engines of lesser importance. If you need more information on particular sections of the checklist, you may want to read our SEO tutorial, which gives more detailed explanations of Keywords, Links, Metatags, Visual Extras, etc.


There is only one pitch.



Daring Fireball: A Liberal, Accurate Regex Pattern for Matching URLs

A common programming problem: identify the URLs in an arbitrary string of text, where by “arbitrary” let’s agree we mean something unstructured such as an email message or a tweet. I offer a solution, in the form of the following regex pattern...

When can I use...

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Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies


Home | Email Standards Project

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The Email Standards Project works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email. Our goal is to help designers understand why web standards are so important for email, while working with email client developers to ensure that emails render consistently. This is a community effort to improve the email experience for both designers and readers alike.