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Our cities today are relics from a time before the Internet. Services and infrastructure, created and operated by the government, are centrally managed, non-participatory and closed. And while this was once the best (and only) way for cities to operate, today it leads to a system that is inefficient, increasingly expensive to maintain, and slow to change.


CALO :: Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), under its Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL - download brochure) program, has awarded SRI three phases of a five-year contract to develop an enduring personalized cognitive assistant. DARPA expects the PAL program to generate innovative ideas that result in new science, new approaches to current problems, new algorithms and tools, as well as new technology of significant value to the military.

Apps Mania — Web Applications Showcase

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Apps Mania was launched in June of 2007 in order to satisfy the need of Internet entrepreneurs to have a place for presenting their new Web applications. Apps Mania also looks to be a place of reference for all who want to be informed about new projects on the Internet. Here at Apps Mania we encourage everyone to send us information about your projects so that together we can create a great database of a great database of Web Applications.

UserVoice » Customer Feedback 2.0

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» Listen to your users they want to make your service more useful — get consensus on what that means! » Respond to your users from one place, with less overhead and support tracking » Your users will feel empowered they will feel more invested and become more fanatical about your service.


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