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Browserhacks is an extensive list of browser specific CSS and JavaScript hacks from all over the interwebs.


CSS background image hacks – Nicolas Gallagher

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Emulating background image crop, background image opacity, background transforms, and improved background positioning. A few hacks relying on CSS pseudo-elements to emulate features unavailable or not yet widely supported by modern browsers.

2010 { content: "Homepage"; }

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Say goodbye to the browser-specific properties and hacks cluttering your files and say hello to lean, mean CSS. With eCSStender, when you write the rules, browsers pay attention.

Firefox: 46 features you might not know about ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

Ever since the release of Firefox 3 we’ve been doing a lot of work to add new capabilities for web developers. We thought it would be worth it to make a post that actually listed all of the features that we knew about and people might not know about. This contains everything that we’ve done over the last three releases or so, but calls out stuff that’s new in 3.6.


CKSource • View topic - ckeditor 3 ruins block tag display, adds breaks and tabs

For example, every P tag has, just before the first word, an extra break and tab added, then in between p tags another extra break tag is added. If I go to source and clean this up, the editor just reinserts it again!

The Great Flickr Tools Collection

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[Regularly Updated] Looking for Flickr Tools, hacks and services for a powerful photo sharing experience? Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization , making image management an easy, natural and collaborative process. Get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and chat live and more! Flickr claims to be the best online image management and photo sharing application.


Cibler Internet Explorer dans une CSS ? Oui, et sans hack.

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La méthode commence à être rodée : pour intégrer un design en CSS, on commence par le faire sur un navigateur “moderne”, puis on corrige les différents problèmes rencontrés sur Internet Explorer, surtout dans sa version 6, qui commence à sérieusement à s’incruster. Pour cela, il existe plusieurs solutions.

Fixing position:fixed for Windows Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer 7 applies its numerous CSS changes – including support for fixed positioning – only in ‘standards-compliant mode’. Both methods described below should still be ‘safe’ to use (albeit for different reasons). More info about new possibilities and consequences in terms of doctype-sniffing will be added soon.


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