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We are graphic and digital design studio with strong passion for innovative and experimental projects. We believe, design changes the world, and therefore we do our best to make it happen. Just Be Nice – is our mode of life. It defines everything – from our work process to projects that we participate in. Thus there are no alcohol, tobacco as well as nuclear weapon producers in our client list. :-)



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Underware is a graphic design studio which is specialized in designing and producing typefaces. These are often conventional in terms of legibility - yet functional, having concepts that seek for new visual, typographic and linguistic possibilities. These typefaces are published for retail sale or are custom designed.


The Grid System

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Made popular by the International Typographic Style movement and pioneered by legends like Josef Müller-Brockmann and Wim Crouwel, the grid is the foundation of any solid design. The Grid System is an ever-growing resource where graphic designers can learn about grid systems, the golden ratio and baseline grids.


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