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April 2011

An Introduction to Spatial Programming With RGeo

One of the most important current trends in the high-tech industry is the rise of spatial and location-based technologies. Once the exclusive domain of complex GIS systems, these technologies are now increasingly available in small applications, websites, and enterprises. This document provides a brief overview of the concepts, techniques, and tools for implementing location-aware application features, focusing on the Ruby programming language and an open-source technology stack.

October 2010


SQLite is a popular DBMS, simple, robust, easy to use and really lightweight each SQLite database is simply a file; you can freely copy it, compress it, send it on a LAN or WEB with no complication at all They are also portables; the same database file will work on Windows, Linux, MacOs etc the SpatiaLite extension enables SQLite to support spatial data too [aka GEOMETRY], in a way conformant to OpenGis specifications

January 2010

Mapnik C /Python GIS Toolkit | Welcome

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Mapnik is a Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications. Above all Mapnik is about making beautiful maps. It is easily extensible and suitable for both desktop and web development.

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