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Aéroports, centres commerciaux, grandes surfaces, entreprises, musées… des services géolocalisés pour mieux accueillir, guider ou divertir vos visiteurs. Insiteo est le premier opérateur de services géolocalisés indoor.


WikiLocation - The Geolocation Wikipedia API

I'm happy to offer up a full REST-ful API service for developers wishing to search for Wikipedia articles by location. The data is gathered by downloading the Wikipedia database on a weekly basis and then parsing all of the geocoded entries. This data is then stored in a database where it is able to be accessed via the API. At present, there are over 3.5 million entries covering 36 different languages and this number increases every week.


We make it easy for developers to create location-aware applications.


OpenGeo : Home

The OpenGeo Suite is the fully-integrated open source geospatial platform for serving maps and data through web applications, mobile devices, and desktop clients.

Hitotoki — Mapping moments around the world

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Hitotoki stores literary 'sketches' of moments you experience every day. No check-ins. No bullshit badges. We think the most interesting stuff happens in the space between places. Hitotoki is built to help you capture those moments.

YQL Geo Library - get all your geo needs in JavaScript - geolocation, reverse geocoding, content analysis

YQL Geo Library - get all your geo needs in JavaScript - geolocation, reverse geocoding, content analysis

A List Apart: Articles: Take Control of Your Maps

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We live in the era of Google Maps. What started off as an impressive refresh of Mapquest-style maps now fuels web mashups. With APIs official and unofficial, Google Maps is simple enough for front-end designers to embed and for back-end programmers to target. Along the way to becoming nearly ubiquitous, it has played a major role in the “democratization of mapping.” For the practical developer who wants to add geospatial information to a site or application, the Google Maps API has been an easy call.

Poly9 Globe

Poly9 Globe is a cross-browser, cross-platform 3D globe which does not require any download. Give it a spin!

TuxMobil: Linux Applications for GPS Navigation & Geographic Maps

This is a survey of Linux applications (almost all of them are Free Software) for navigation with laptops, notebooks, handhelds, PDAs and mobile phones. They are useful for bikers, car drivers, ship and air plane navigators and others. Additionally there are map conversion tools and links to freely available maps for GPS devices.

GPSd — Put your GPS on the net!

gpsd is a service daemon that monitors one or more GPSes or AIS receivers attached to a host computer through serial or USB ports, making all data on the location/course/velocity of the sensors available to be queried on TCP port 2947 of the host computer. With gpsd, multiple location-aware client applications (such as navigational and wardriving software) can share access to receivers without contention or loss of data. Also, gpsd responds to queries with a format that is substantially easier to parse than the NMEA 0183 emitted by most GPSes. The gpsd distribution includes a linkable C service library, a C wrapper class, and a Python module that developers of gpsd-aware applications can use to encapsulate all communication with gpsd.


Testing GPS applications requires a gps receiver and an antenna in a position to receive the satellite signals. This, however, is rarely the case when doing software testing at a computer's keyboard. This is where gpsfeed can be of help.


Geolocater: géolocalisez-vous où vous le désirez! - ReLucBlog - SIG, MOZILLA & NTIC

Mais surtout puisque la géolocalisation devient un contexte de navigation pourquoi ne pas pouvoir la choisir facilement ? Geolocater vous permet de spécifier votre géolocalisation par défaut.

CloudMade Makes Maps Differently

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CloudMade helps you make the most of map data. We source our maps from OpenStreetMap, the community mapping project which is making a free map of the world. Our aim is to continue the democratization of geo data and to expand access to open geo data through a range of simple yet powerful tools and APIs. Our tools and APIs allow developers to create rich interactive experiences on the web and mobile.

Gisgraphy | Importer, geolocalisation and fulltext services for Geonames

Gisgraphy is a free and open source framework that provides fulltext search and find nearby services for places on earth (aka : toponyms) from several databases (aka : gazeteers) on the Web (mainly Geonames, but not only : ESRI for instance). It provides an importer to inject the data into a strongly typed Postgres / Postgis database and use them via 2 webservices or a java API : geolocalisation and fulltext in many format (XML, json, PHP, ruby, python, Atom, RSS / GeoRSS).


Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Introducing Geode

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Introducing Geode, an experimental add-on to explore geolocation in Firefox 3 ahead of the implementation of geolocation in a future product release. Geode provides an early implementation of the W3C Geolocation specification so that developers can begin experimenting with enabling location-aware experiences using Firefox 3 today, and users can tell us what they think of the experience it provides. It includes a single experimental geolocation service provider so that any computer with WiFi can get accurate positioning data.


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