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a font for programming and code review

Precise control over responsive typography · MadebyMike

It is possible to have precise control over responsive typography. Using calc() and viewport units you can create fluid type that scales perfectly between specific pixel values, within a specific viewport range.

Delivering Octicons with SVG no longer delivers its icons via icon font. Instead, we’ve replaced all the Octicons throughout our codebase with SVG alternatives. While the changes are mostly under-the-hood, you’ll immediately feel the benefits of the SVG icons.


Beautiful web type — the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory

There are over 600 typefaces in the Google web fonts directory. Many of them are awful. But there are also high-quality typefaces that deserve a closer look. Below are examples of these typefaces in action. Click the examples to get the typeface from the Google web fonts directory.


Fico | a font with icons, by

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Fico is a font with 52* simple, commonly used icons and glyphs, served on the web via @font-face.


A font you can use in your web apps when you want tiny state shapes as a design element. It's designed to be used at small sizes, and the shapes have been highly simplified to make for a really small font. All 50 states plus D.C. and a wee continental U.S. map fit in about 22k, and they look great on Retina displays.


Fico | a font with icons, by

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Fico is a font with 52* simple, commonly used icons and glyphs, served on the web via @font-face.19€

Font sizing with rem -

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Determining a unit of measurement to size our text can be a topic of heated debate, even in this day and age. Unfortunately, there are still various pros and cons that make the various techniques less desirable. It's just a matter of which less-desirable is most desirable. There are two main techniques that are extolled: Size with px Size with em Let's review these two approaches before I reveal the magical third.


Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites | Build Internet!

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This roundup was gathered through a combination of top notch Google-ing and What the Font?-ing.

webfnt-method - Project Hosting on Google Code

The goal of this project is to bring web fonts to every browser on every device. Using a hybrid of new @font-face technology and the older Cufón technology these scripts serve the best web font files to each browser.


The League of Moveable Type

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We're done with the tired old fontstacks of yesteryear. Enough with the limitations of the web, we won't have it. It's time to raise our standards. Here, you'll find only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts.

Introducing Typekit « The Typekit Blog

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We’ve been working with foundries to develop a consistent web-only font linking license. We’ve built a technology platform that lets us to host both free and commercial fonts in a way that is incredibly fast, smoothes out differences in how browsers handle type, and offers the level of protection that type designers need without resorting to annoying and ineffective DRM. As a Typekit user, you’ll have access to our library of high-quality fonts. Just add a line of JavaScript to your markup, tell us what fonts you want to use, and then craft your pages the way you always have. Except now you’ll be able to use real fonts. This really is going to change web design. We’ll be launching this summer with a great collection of beautiful and hardworking typefaces. We’ll offer a free version of the service to get you started, and a low-cost way to grow from there. A truly scalable professional version will follow soon after.

Main Page -

The website dedicated to webfonts & @font-face embedding

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